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Friday, June 02, 2006

Can I Start Being Selective???

I remember this psych patient we had a long time ago who refused to speak to anyone who wasn't Catholic. She ended up escalating and calling us all sinners and refused to speak to anyone who isn't her chosen religion.

It got me thinking...what if we could be selective of the patients whith whom we speak and care for. Just all of the sudden we decide that today we refuse to take any patients with chest pain. Tuesday's are off limits for anyone with a dental complaint. Oh, and I'm sorry sir, we don't accept anyone with grey hair and lacerations today, come by tomorrow and we'll fix you right up.

The ED is a place that is open to all. Our hospital is a small community hospital in Maine and our inpatient units are failry selective of the patients they accept. Med/Surg is great, but is it a daily struggle to get ED patients into the ICU and Behavioral Health units.

But we can not chose the patients we see, nor can we shut the doors when it's just too much like other units can. We must stack them in the hallway, double up family members, run tests from the waiting room and every other creative idea we come up with to see more patients and see them as quickly as possible.

And I love it. How strange is that?


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