Mommy Nurse Wife and 25!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm baaaack

Hey everyone out there! It's bee a while since I've posted anything but I wanted to say a quick HELLO to everyone!!!!

Guess what I did in the last few months?

-I took a 3 week vacation at our timeshare in Myrtle Beach.
-I became a CEN.
-I cut back my hours to 24.
-I lost 3 pounds (which is a lot when you're 4'10")
-I started therapy for my OCD.

And I wrote a really funny story, so I'll post it when my kiddos take a nap :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am realizing that we workers of the ED see a side of
humanity that most people aren't privileged to
experience. On the last weekend I worked we had about
5 patients who were a bit shy in the hygiene
department. You all know what I'm talking about don't

The patient usually will come in one minute away from
gun point by a family member or friend who insists on
an ED visit. In my experience, this patient also will
arrive via rescue because he is unable to ambulate and
hasn't been out of his bed/recliner/futon for 6+
weeks. This is the patient whom the EMTs will make
what Donnie refers to as a patient burrito; they wrap
the patient and whatever he is wearing/laying in in a
neat little package for the receiving RN. There is
usually a faint odor of something horrible in said
burrito which is usually not fully experienced until
the burrito is unwrapped to apply a johnnie. Once
opened, an emaciated body lays ahead bearing a pair of
slippers, PJ pants, and once white now yellow tee
shirt. The patient has greasy hair which hasn't seen
water or shampoo for months, long yellow fingernails
with some sort of brown substance underneath (if the
patient is demented, you can bet there's some poop
involved), and teeth which are one step away from
complete and total rot. And of course, my least
favorite part, the feet. Once the slippers are off the
week old socks need to come off as well. And with the
sock comes the old skin cloud which in turn leaves a
film of skin flakes on the bed just like a coat of fresh snow.

Every time I have a patient in this condition it makes
me more sad than I can express. Usually these
patients are at home, alone, and unable or unwilling
to care for themselves. Or, they are at home, with
family, but are just not taken care of in the manner in
which a person should. I really don’t know if I feel lucky to see this side of people or if it’s just one of those downfalls of my job. If you work at a normal job like the bank, a school, or a construction site you don’t really bump into someone who has been laying in his poop for 36 hours. So I feel like it is sort ofprivilegeege to take care of these poor souls, I think ignorance is truly bliss in this case.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Trick-or-Treat Quandry

So here's a new skill I have to learn as a parent.

How do I manage NOT to eat the entire contents of my daughter's Halloween bag tonight after she's in bed?


Monday, October 30, 2006

HI out there!

Hey ya'll, I know I'm being a total shit and neglecting this blog. Sorry.

But, in my defense, daylight savings is a bitch when you have two little kiddos who are on a very tight sleeping schedule. The theme of this week is "time-outs" and "let's see who can get the kids to bed the quickest before one of them is hurt by a parent."


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wahoo Doggie!!!!

Yay, it's Change of Shift!!a

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not a good sign

Someone please tell me that the future is going to be OK when your 2 year old makes this statement to her grandparents;

"If I want it, I will get it."

Oh Dear God what am I in for with this girl?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Help please!

Hey, BTW, anyone have any good ideas how to make a home-made chicken costume? Both of my kids are going to be chickens for Halloween and I want to join them. We're going to be The Bird Flu!

Happy but then sad

Last night was one of those nights I left the ED feeling really happy. I liked my job, I was thinking about how much I love being a nurse, and feeling really happy with how things are going.

Tonight is one of those nights I leave-no run from--the department and never want to show my face there again. It was so busy, with very sick (and might I add, heavy) patients. It was one of those nights when I felt I was just putting out fire after fire but not really taking great care of my patients. I hate that feeling.

So, alas, I sit here, exhausted and unable to go bed because I'm wired from work. I'm hungry but really don't want to eat because I'm on South Beach Phase One and the food is boring. I want to sleep but my insomnia is back in full force and I can't yet face tossing and turning for the next 4 hours. So I'll read my favorite blogs and hopefully eventually wind down. Maybe I need to pick up an after-work hobby. One of my nurse friend plays Diner Dash when she gets home, maybe I'll try that.