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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PB Boob

I sometimes feel that my life would make a great sitcom. Today I was leaving the house with my one year old in my left arm, my bag slung over my shoulder, a water bottle mashed in my right armpit, and I was carrying my breakfast for the car. It was a Thomas Lite English muffin (my favorite) with peanut butter. Yummy. Right as I was getting through my back door everything started to slip and I had to scramble to catch everything and not sacrifice my food. I took a few more steps and noticed that the peanut butter was melting off the muffin down my hand. Then I thought, "wow, that could have been ugly if it got on me." I then, just as a precaution, checked myself to see if I had, in fact, been peanut buttered. I looked down at my clean (OK, somewhat clean, I'm a working mom after all) black V-neck and saw an English muffin peanut butter outline on my right breast. I'd been hit.

So at this point, I've got the kid in my arm, the car doors opened, the two year old out the door, and a boob full of peanut butter. I thought, "Well, I could just grab a baby wipe in the car and clean myself off OR I could go ALL the way back in the house to change." What would you do?

Yeah, I actually did go back in a change. But it was only because I was on my way to a new playgroup and didn't want to make a complete ass out of myself right off teh bat. I swear, if I was on my way to Wal-Mart or work I would have had one wet boob and a smile on my face. I can't even imagine what my neighbors thought when they saw that spectacle from across the lawn :)


  • At 6:43 PM, Anonymous jen said…

    yep, i'd have "baby wiped it", because I don't think i'd ever join a play group, hahaha.


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