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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Bridge

Today was one of those days that I can identify with that woman who threw her three small children off of the Golden Gate Bridge (Well, except that she was schizophernic, details, details, details...). I worked last night, managed to get to bed by midnight or so, up at 6 (Donnie's at work today). Pretty good night in my book.

BUT, the baby took a really early nap today. And Lily took NO NAP at all today. Which, as you other moms know, makes for a very loooong and trying afternoon. We had a playdate this afternoon and Lily was really bad; kicking her brother and hitting the other kids (which is mortifying because then I worry that I am a horrible mommy and can't control my 2 year old). I think she had about 45 timeouts total. By bedtime I was damn near tears because I had just had it.

And I know that I am supposed to enjoy my kids, but days like this I feel like the worst mommy in the world because I just can take so much. I just happen to be one of those lucky moms who has a great support system and people to intervene when I get "the look". People who know me well and know when it's time to hide the car keys so I can't go to the nearest bridge...

But then, after they're asleep all of that anger and frusteration floats away and I wish they were awake to play with. What a horrible Catch-22 huh? They make you nuts, and you can't get enough!

PS- For your viewing pleasure...

This photo is pretty great. This was from yesterday morning after the kiddos had taken thier bath. I was changing Lily's sheets and left the mattress on the floor for "gumping" as she calls it. Sammy loved it even more than she did, however, and crawled up on one side and down the other just laughing himself silly. We played with it for nearly an hour. This photo was taken as Lily was jumping and Sam falling off the other side.

The other photo was after the jumping was over and they were taking a breather. Aren't they cute (And look at her tan!! I swear, we put sun block on her).


  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger Reluctant Blogger said…

    What a wonderful story, Cass! I think the picture of Sam and Lily is my favorite ever. I just made it this week's screensaver. If ok with you, I'll forward to my parents and Johnny (i.e., your uncle), who will also love it!

    I don't have kid-equivalents to this story, but it's awesome to see when the simplest thing inspires hours of enjoyment. In my case, a shopping bag left on the floor the other day has turned into the source of great games and excitement for my kittens!


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