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Friday, June 02, 2006


I am going to become a millionaire writing my book about supersitions in the hospital. Are these everywhere or just where I work? (Haha, I bet that's a silly question)

When I was in the ICU if we got a room ready for an admission and if that patient never was admitted you could NEVER touch that bed or bad things would happen. At night, if there was a light in an empty room you couldn't turn it off or someone would DIE!!!! In the ED, if our census board is ever blank the world will flip on it's side and we will all float away into the vast black eternity. And we all knows what happens if someone says the Q word. NOoooo!

So you can all understand how scared I was this morning when my husband couldn't find his necklace that he wears every shift to the firehouse. Our two-year-old had been playing with it yesterday and neither of us thought to take it away from her. I was so nervous that I amost couldn't think straight. Luckily, he has a back up necklace that pinched hit for him. I can't wait until 7 am when he gets off.


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