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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stand Tall!

A part of me can't wait to stop stooping over. With little kids I feel as if I do it all day long every day. You stoop to pick them up. To rid the floors of
toys. To change a diaper, wash a face, give a hug, tie shoes, pull up the pants, pick up the cup that was hurled from the highchair, kiss goodnight, fix an oowie. I love my kids very much, and enjoy this age, but I also can't wait to look at the world with a nice straight back and un-bent legs. What a feeling to be
upright and not cromagnum man!


  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Please be careful bending!! Nursing and parenting are hard on the back - my poor sad discs at L4-L5 & L5-S1 are empathizing with your discs...

  • At 6:51 PM, Anonymous jen said… know bend with your knees! haha. I wanted Hunter to be outta the terrible 2's/3's so bad.........but now that he's in first grade, I wish he were in the terrible 2's all over again. I only have 1 child, and it's amazing to see him growing up so fast.

    Also, hunter hurled sippy cups from a standing position, not only from a high chair, lmfao.


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