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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I can't even start to tell you guys how happy that I am home and not at work anymore. I just left there and it was sooo asshole and psych night. Everyone we took care of was either wanting to kill himself or a complete a-hole. Annnd, you know it's going to be bad when the cops call and tell you to have the "shots" ready because they're bringing in a "live one."

But, we did have a good crew on so it was OK. Plus, we ordered out and I got this amazing white pizza so that made me pretty happy.

Oh yeah, guess what? My insomnia is totally back. I can go years without it flaring and then all of the sudden it pops back in my life like an old boyfriend looking for a booty call. So now I'm making myself stay up late so maybe I will be able to actually get tired tonight. No matter what happens I'm going to be up around 6 with Sam so I guess it's a crap chute anyway you look at it.

On the bright side, my two friends and I all took over 2 1/2 hour naps this afternoon (so at least insomnia helps me nap :). I put them in their beds at noon, laid on mine and the next thing I knew my clock said 2:17 (I have to be at work at 2:45). So I got dressed (and, oops, I had fallen asleep with wet hair, so did something with that mess), woke the kids, and was out of the house at 2:31...not too bad huh? It was really funny though, I went to wake Lily up and she wasn't in her bed. So guess where I found her? In her closet! She had taken her nap on a blanket on the floor of her closet. Poor kid's going to have f'ed up sleeping habits like I do. Sigh.

PS- Are you supposed to laugh when your 2 year old writes on your new stairs with a sharpie? Yeah, my husband didn't like that either. I've got so much to learn. Double sigh.


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