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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bed Crisis and the Weekend

Wow, sorry everyone. Busy week. Here's a recap of the last three days.

Friday: It's been raining for a whole month now. Seriously. We packed up the kids at 8 am (after I worked 3-11 and slept from 1-6) and went to Target and Home Depot just to get out of the house and see new scenery. Home, nap time for both babies, then my nephew's 2d Birthday party. Sleep that night from about 10-6.

Saturday: Husband worked this day (And for those who don't know, firefighters work a 24 hour shift, so therefore, he is gone from 6:30 am to 7:30 the next AM...means I'm on my own with the two tater tots). I packed the kids up and took them to stepdaughter's lacrosse game. Oh yeah, and on the way home from the lacrosse game my 2 year old hit me so hard in the face that my glasses flew off my body and landed on the floor of the car. I know that I am against child abuse with every bone in my body but I swear I have never been so close to hurting another human being in my entire life. Anyway, then my father picked up the tater tots at 2:15 and I had an entire 15 minutes to myself, so I read a magazine before jaunting to work. I worked 3-11. We usually see a patient volume of 55-60 per day, this night it was 71 patients. BUT, we had such an effective and great crew working (and beds in the hospital!!!!) that the shift went well. Oh yeah, then I went out with a few girls from work for ice cream, got home and was in bed by 1 or so, sleeping by 2.

Sunday: Woke at 0600 with the 2 year old. She's getting two teeth and is constantly demanding medicine (She's totally that kid who would drink an entire bottle of ibuprofen if she found it hanging out in the open. I have to watch her like a hawk) and she had 4 temper tantrums before her brother woke up at 7. When my husband got home we packed them up in the double jogger and took them for a walk. En route, we picked up an ice cream cake for my step-daughter's 10th birthday party and came home. Long story short (too late, I know), there were 20+ people at my house including 10 kids, 4 sets of in-laws, and my huband's ex-wife. AND, the party was great...everyone got along and had a good time.

Then the sun came out at 2:15, just in time for me to go back to work. Tonight was unusually slow until 2115 when the whole town decided that it was time to head on in the the local ED. My last patient of the night had just run himself into a tree after drinking "I have no idea" how many drinks (Which we all know is really bad when they don't say "two" or "a couple" and actually admit to being intoxicated.) He told me that I was adorable and if we were in a bar he would totally try to pick me up--would I let him pick me up???? To which I answered, a blunt and direct, "Not a chance in hell" and he laughed.

So now, here I am writing on this stupid blog that I don't think anyone reads instead of sleeping. Sigh.

If there is anyone out there here is my question of the day:

Are we the only hospital out there with a bed crisis or is this a problem that we're all dealing with???


  • At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Terry said…

    I'm no hospital, but I do have a bed crisis.

  • At 2:48 PM, Blogger *the sweetest sin* said…

    Our hospital was notoriously out of beds. The MIMS doc always took their sweet time discharging. When we welcomed the new group of ER docs, we didn't realize that we were in for a boat load of ER admissions everyday. It's hard. People will sit in the ER without a bed for hours. All because of the constant struggle between "eager to admit" and "not eager to discharge".

  • At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Linda-lou said…

    I read this blog! Your efforts do not go unappreciated by me.


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