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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A cute story before bedtime

I am so tired. We were down an RN tonight; sick patients...ran my ass off for 8 hours straight. I did get to scarf an english muffin and pb at some point when my blood sugar must have been 22. I know, cry me a river, I just wanted to complain.

And, to share this story. A few nights ago I was playing the "eat two more bites" game with Lily because she wanted dessert. So she put them in her mouth, chewed, and I was satisfied so started to talk to others at the dinner table. Not even a minute later she asked for a napkin and I gave her one, stupidly thinking she was cleaning her hands and mouth. Well, it took me a minute but I realized that she was pulling that know, the food in the napkin trick. WTF? She is 2 YEARS OLD, not old enough to know how to be sneaky like that. Seriously, that kid is way to smart for her (and my) own good!

But she's pretty cute huh?


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