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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dead Man Working

There are two stories out there in the media which have taken up permanant space in my head, mainly because I can't figure out if they're true or not. You be the judge...

Story #1:
This is a story of a man working in a New York office who died at his desk on a Monday. The problem was that no one noticed he was dead until Saturday. Apparently, the man was first to the office in the AM and last to leave in the PM. Therefore, no one thought it strange when they passed his desk at quittin' time and he was there. My question to you all is could this really happen? We've all seen dead bodies. They look, well, dead. Hard not to notice. So is it really possible that for a WEEK his co-workers walked past him slumped at his desk and took no notice? According to my research the story was published overseas but never here in America. Seems fishy to me. Anyone who has extra time on her hands here's his "name" if you want to research it more: George Turklebaum (even the name sounds fake).

Story #2:
Apparently, in India some dude's skull fell off. He had a previous burn and the tissue just died and subsequently part of his noggin fell off. (

Seriously, you can't even make this stuff up!

So here's what I've been thinking about for this one. What a social faux paux to have this thing decide to fall off at any time. I've been having visions of this man passing supper at the table, running on the track, doing a crossword puzzle, meeting the in-laws, etc etc etc and PLOP. Oops, excuse me, don't mind my skull just falling in that soup. My bad. What was he doing when that final piece of skull let loose? How cool would it be to BE there at that time. My feeble little mind can't even comprehend what a dream that would be.(AND, if that was my skull, you know I'dve already picked that sucker off:)


  • At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are so twisted, but that is what I like about you!!!!

  • At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Aunt Suse said…

    When I saw the skull "cap" story I'd imagined he'd been poking at it, and his wife's like: "Sambu Roy! Stop that--it is disgusting, this head picking, and you will never heal properly!" and Samby Roy says, "Gosh-darnit, Roshina! Only when you stop picking at me, will I stop the picking of my head! Oh? What is this now?" and he gets his fingernail underneath and starts lifting a hunk of skull off his head. Mission accomplished, he holds it out proudly to his wife. Roshina faints. And Sambu runs into the New Dehli street shouting "My skull has made me famous!!" (last line of the article).

    And while George Turklebaum may be an urband legend
    I heard there's this guy in Finland and the same thing happened to him this one time--I think it was in Helsinki--no, really, for real, no joke!!! ;)

  • At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I totally saw story number two on tv. I thought how in the world did he not just pass out looking at it. Like that is just normal.

    And story number one could happen just not for a week. I mean someone has to call the guy(boss, friend, family member) and if I noticed he never moved or changed clothes i'd have to poke him. And he'd have to smell too after awhile.


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