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Monday, July 10, 2006

If you don't like pee, don't read this.

You know, I was really dreading potty training but it's turning out to be a hoot! I constantly have funny Lily stories about this process. Though she is fully potty trained during the day, here were some of the good 'ens that have happened in the past few weeks.

Lily: I peed!!" (This is usually our cue to shout and clap; everyone in the room is obliged to participate).

US: "Yay!" "What a big girl!" "All right Lily!" "Way to go!"

Lily: "...on the deck."

Though she is fully trained during the day, for some reason right after supper she likes to go on the back deck and pee. Tonight she took it a step further and actually peed AND pooped on the deck. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh when we talked about how this isn't OK. All I could think of is my neighbors, happily cooking supper, looking out their window and see little Lily squatting on the deck outside pinching a loaf. That's my girl.

Today, in the bookstore, she told me she had to pee very loudly. Which is ten times louder than she usually is because A) we're in a bookstore and B) people in public usually don't scream about their bathroom habits making this comment seem that much more loud and inappropriate. Plus, there was this young couple looking at wedding books talking about prenups who glared at her. Which really pissed me off, but they're young yet, they'll be there someday.

Anyway, we went to the bathroom and she did her buisness and as we were leaving she looked at the first woman we saw, a complete stranger mind you (she gets that from my BTW. I 'll talk to anyone, anywhere. I'm totally that girl in line at the supermarket who brings up how much I love the cheese in the woman's basket behined me. It's super annoying, I realize, but I am powerless)-and said "I peed!!!" The lady looked taken aback and then said "What a big girl!" I was super happy she had that reaction because when you come out of the bathroom there is a cafe directly outside the exit. Not the place to be screaming about peeing on the potty when people are having a scone and coffee. But she is 2, what do you expect right?

Well, that's about all of the funny stories I can muster right now. I could always tell you about when Lily pees in the potty and her broter comes to the potty before I can get to it and dumps in on the carpet. But I won't. Don't want to be too gross right? Heee heeee.


  • At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Gotta love potty training. I'm still working with my almost-4 yr old twins. Now that their father is out of the house (and out of state) the tension level is a lot lower here at home so they have been much more receptive to training.

    One daughter, the funny one... Becca... she went pee on the potty the other day and it was like the first pee after a night of hard drinking... it went on FOREVER. She looked surprised so I said "Wow that sure was a lot of pee pee" and she nodded and said "Yep Momma. MONTHS WORTH." I almost fell down.


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