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Monday, August 14, 2006

So here is the big news.

The night after I wrote Pee in Pants I woke up with a cry-hangover (most of you women know what I mean; the fatigue, puffy eyes, emotional exhaustion) but had to get up for an 8:30 appt with my personal trainer. Exercise is the #1 thing in my life that can instantly boost my feelings and remove my chronic fatigue. So no matter how bad of a night I had just experienced I was not about to miss my appointment to have my ass kicked.

So I got there and she took one look at my puffy-eyes and near-tears and looked concerned, but I told her I didn’t want to talk about it and just kick my ass, please. So she did. And about halfway through my work-out she asked me if I’d come work for her. That I had the right background, I have a holistic and healthy outlook on life, and the right personality to make it in her profession. She is planning on a move which would make her business larger than she could handle alone. My knee-jerk reaction was “Hell no” because I’m a nurse and not a trainer. But after giving it some thought, and some coercion on her part, I was convinced that it’s something I can do. I also told her that one of my secret fantasy jobs was to be a yoga instructor, and she told me that she would support that and incorporate it in her business when the time came. The best part: she offered me exactly what I am making as an RN, and when I become certified and have my own clients, more.

So I had a long talk with Donnie and we both thought it was a great opportunity. The next morning, out of the blue, my friend Terry left me a message on my machine. She was inviting me to a three day weekend in NC, a yoga workshop, and asked me if I’d be interested in opening a yoga studio with her. Out of the blue this came just 24 hours after I’d had that offer from my trainer. Odd.

So I hemmed and hawed about it and decided that this is too much fate happening all at once and I have to follow this new path that has been placed in front of me. I have told my boss that I’d like to reduce my hours and I will be giving up my supervisor’s position. Once I told her I instantly felt as if a weight was off my shoulders. So now, if all works out as planned, I’ll work part-time in the ED and part-time as a trainer. This means I can always pick up more work in the ED if I need to, but have the flexibility to give to my new job. Also, down the road when my trainer job becomes full-time, I’ll be home every night of the week. That means when my kids are in school I can be home with them every night!!!

So, I am very excited about all of this. It’s very very scary, but I think that the universe is trying to tell me something and for once I am going to listen


  • At 3:21 PM, Anonymous jen said…

    yay!!! my dream job is to be a yoga instructor or a massage therapist.
    How cool for you!!!

  • At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Kim said…

    Holy cow - and at the same pay?

    You CAN have your yoga and eat it, too!

    Sorry...mixing metaphors..... LOL!


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